A Message of Hate in Spyware

One can never be too careful with protecting a computer from forms of spyware, adware, trojans, and viruses. Keeping an up-to-date program that protects from these nuisances may not be enough either. New variants of backdoor trojans seem to appear on an almost daily basis, creating a mad scramble from companies like McAfee and Norton Anti-Virus to create a patch of protection. Newest forms of spyware have the most nefarious of intentions, looking to infiltrate what many computer users believe secure information that is used during online banking and shopping experiences.

Sunbelt reports that the Srv.SSA-KeyLogger form of spyware is so new that definitions have not been created to remove it from a business or home computer. Yet. And perhaps just as disturbing (as if having your very identity, including back account and credit card account numbers pilfered from you is not frightening enough) is the hate messages popping up deep in certain SARS trojan files that emulate quotes from Adolf Hitler. This “double whammy” has many people scared and questions abound regarding proper procedures to take. The “common Joe” is just as vulnerable at home as major industries, that spend billions of dollars annually, to safeguard against the latest threats. Click here to read more: hack someones phone

True, words of hatred will not produce negative ramifications to a users computer, but it begs the question: Can researchers assume a possible white supremacist group responsible for the latest outbreak of trojan and backdoor variants that raid computers? It is highly unusual to discover phrases and symbols in malware like the SARS trojan horse and speculation about the intention and creator of the new variant abounds. The exact phrase discovered in the SARS trojan horse stated “ein Volk, ein REICH, ein Fuhrer !!!” beneath a Nazi swastika rendered in ASCII text. Simply translated, this means “one people, one nation, one leader,” and is a popular slogan at Web sites run by white supremacist groups.

Whether the latest outbreak of virus definitions be originally programmed by members of a white supremacist group or not, the dual questions remain: What to do about it and how to protect oneself from it? Creators of security programs will undoubtedly find a fix, but in the meantime, preventive measures can be manipulated to keep your computer and its utmost private information safe. And this does not include a total cessation of online banking and credit card usage. Instead, cast your Microsoft Internet explorer browser aside and download Firefox or Opera. Neither are triggered by the latest outbreak of spyware, trojans, or viruses. Programmers of malware find far more “points of entry” otherwise known as security flaws in Microsoft’s browser, despite the latest Vista improvements. Continue reading this: hack someones phone

If one feels totally indebted and committed to Microsoft services, be sure to have the latest XP service pack if upgrading has not been completed to Vista. The more up-to-date your security package is, the more protection guaranteed to your home or business systems. With the battle between good and evil (I.E.- Spyware creators versus Spyware blockers) in full swing and becoming more nasty and even identity stealing being a possible end result, a take no chances approach remains the safest bet.


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