Cell phone spy without access to target phone

Mobile phone spy is always a sensitive topic for the people and what if someone is trying to trap their partner and want to catch them red handed while they are cheating?

You can’t sit outside of someone’s home to spy and what if they are contacting that person via phone?

The only solution for that is to go for the cell phone spy without access to target phone?


This is known as the favorite spy software no matter if you have an android phone or a tablet.

You can contact a person for the help through ways like live chat, ticket, messaging and call.

If you want to have a trial of the app then you can use it for 7 days on a trial.

After your satisfaction for the 7 days, you can go for the purchasing of the app. It is suitable for the MAC computers and windows.

You can run it easily on any kind of phone.

  1. XNSPY

This app is suitable for all kind of Android phone and IPads. This app is also providing 10 days money back guarantee and if you are satisfied then you can continue your plan of spying.

You can go for the basic and premium package based on what kind of details you want and how much you want to use it?

To get the detail of someone’s phone you just need their Apple ID and password and you will be good to go.

For the usage of this app, you don’t need any kind of jail break if you are using it for the IOS device.


If you want to go for the cell phone spy without access to target phone then there is nothing better than the spy phone online.

It is providing you 7 days money back guarantee so in case you are not having any kind of satisfaction from the app and when you are not having proper details of the person then they will return your money.

For the Android based phones, this app is providing great annual subscription.

You can also use a discount code. The prices starting from the $199. You can love how you are going to catch your partner in no time.

Spy phone online is the best for you and you can have multiple details of someone’s phone. You will their message details and call details on your phone.

  1. iKey Monitor

For all kinds of Android, iPhone, and Ipad there is an iKey monitor to keep an eye on the activities.

This is not a simple monitoring app but you can have a number of advantages from the app and you can have detailed report.

All you have to do is to install the app and follow the guide of the app.

It has monthly and annual plan so if you are satisfied with the iKey monitor then you should go for the annual and if you want to check it then you should go for the monthly plan.

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