How to read someone’s messages without accessing their Mobile

As kids we have always dreamt of becoming a spy. In today’s day, spying on phone’s is what has fulfilled that dream. Every other person today wants to read his/her friend’s or partner’s messages without taking their phone in possession and without them even knowing that they are being spied on.

The spy app is one such app that lets you spy on your friends phone for free. The easiest way for you to spy on a phone and read messages from their phone without a direct access to it.

What is spy app?

A spy app is an app that lets one user track the activities and messages of another user. What one basically has to do is to install the app on the phone of the other and set it up as a widget on the screen. Once the setup is done, you need to activate the app by entering the email ID using which you will be accessing the data.

Behind the interface – Working

All we see is the outer side of people in real life, same way while using the spy app, all you know is the user interface and the setup procedure. So, let us take a look behind the interface and see how can you actually read a person’s message without having any physical access to the device.

The application is basically run in the background of the victims smartphone. It collects various data from the device and then with the help of a mobile data connection or WiFi. It basically transfer’s all the collected data to its server, which can later be accessed by the email ID that was used to activate the app. The app is capable of gathering all incoming and outgoing messages of the device later on storing it in encrypted form accessible only through the registered email.

Additional features

The spy app is not only used to gather incoming and outgoing message information from the device, but it can also be used to get information about all contacts present in the phone book of the device, all the WhatsApp messages no matter how protected they are, the gallery to have a peak at your private moments and lastly your real-time location field.

How to protect yourself?

The only way to find out about the spy app is either the person who installed it on your device telling you or you finding unusual mobile data consumption from your device. Once you get a doubt that your phone is being spied, factory resetting your phone is the best option as it will remove any unwanted malware and softwares, thus removing the spy app.

Is it legal?

Well, trying to read someone’s messages without their consent is considered to be a cyber crime. Upon that if you’re caught using a spy app to help you, it may land you up in jail making you do some serious time. Though many of the criminals say, you’re not a criminal till your crime is proved, one should always remember that crime is a crime bring proved or not.