Review of Spy Bot Search and Destroy


Spy Bot search and destroy claims to be one of the fastest spyware removal tools. Their method of finding spyware is to go straight to the source, where spyware generally installs and begin searching from there. It also has a tool which allows you to disable programs in your startup menu. The creators say the method they use to do this is faster as well. They call it “blindman.exe” and state that it works by doing nothing. There is an immunization module which protects your computer by setting it up to prevent spyware automatically. The software also comes equipped with a standard recovery feature. Continue reading this: whatsapp tracker app

The program was very easy to use and began right away with one click of a button. The first thing that came up was the option to delete my temporary files so that the program could run faster. All in all I’d say the software were pretty fast at checking my computer, it only took a few minutes. It found a couple of serious problems that my anti virus program didn’t pick up on in fact one of them was a Trojan virus. It found the cookies that were stuffed into my computer as well, they appeared to come mostly from adware.


I had to run the software twice. After the first time running Spy Bot Search and Destroy it popped up with a message saying it couldn’t remove all of the problems it found. It then proceeded to say that I needed administrative rights to use it and to log onto the program as administrator. This is done by right clicking the icon for it and choosing that option. Upon further research I discovered that this is a common problem when using it on Windows Vista.

One option that would be preferred in the beginning is for the program prompt you for updates upon installation. Most spyware programs offer an option to update as soon as you install them but this one didn’t. After running the program the first time I realized the error and installed the updates before running it the

second time. Some of the problems couldn’t even be removed after the second try. I was asked if I wanted to run the program again when I reboot my computer for complete removal. The answer to that is yes of course. Click here to read more: whatsapp tracker app


Spy Bot Search and Destroy is a fast, efficient, free program that does a good job of removing the spyware and Cookies from your computer. As mentioned earlier you need to take care when running it on Windows Vista. And remember that some of the features are not prompted automatically for you so you’ll need remember and check for updates regularly.


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