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Cell phone spy software – Spy on text messages online

Spy software for text messages is a program that needs to install in your phone and if you want to monitor. This type of software is specially designed to use with the phones for reading the text messages of others.

Now, there are several different versions of spy text software available for text messages that come with additional features such as recording the pictures and videos, off the GPS location and phone and so on.

spy on text messages

The prices of this software might be different based on the different version that you want. Before deciding to use the software, you should read the features carefully and then use it.


The spy software is now compatible to work on all devices such as android, blackberry, iPhone, Symbian OS and windows mobile and so on. This software is accessible to you via the program interface.

In order to use this software, you have to set up an account online and then it starts working by transferring the information straight forward to your account at that moment when the activity takes place on your phone. It is completely undetectable, so that the use do not knowing it.

This software also works secretly on your phone, after you have installed it. However, one of the greatest features of this software is tracking the target phone on Google maps at any time.

Most of the people want to spy on mobile phone activities and secretly listen to a call. Today, the spy software is highly used by many parents for monitoring their child activities like to spy on text messages, manage calls and read emails and so on.

Once you decide to use this software, you can easily install it on your mobile phone without even the user’s knowledge.

Even the parents and employees are also pre-installed it before they give a cell phone to their child and employees respectively. Once you have installed, the stealth software is undetectable and also the user does not have any idea about their calls and messages that are being monitored.

How does the cell phone spy software work?


Nowadays, there are so many websites offering the different types of spy software at various prices based on the included features. Some of these websites need the buyer to acknowledge whether they are a legitimate administrator or owner of mobile phone owner, before they allow you to use the software.

Once you have done your purchase, this software can be downloaded and then installed on your own phone. The only requirement to use this spy software is that your phone must have an active internet connection, becauhow it works- spyontextmessages.netse the monitoring is made possible by simply using the internet connectivity.

Presently, each software purchase comes with a specific account name and password. Once you login to the account, you can use the system that has an internet access and then monitor the messages and calls on your phone.

With this software, you can Spy text messages and also watch the phone logs such as date, time and duration of the call, recording of each call and know that whether the call is dialed or called in.


  • If you wish to dip up seriously something about anyone, it is perfect to use spy software that tells you know millions of things about the particular person. All you have to do is to simply download and install a piece of software. However, this software is always working very well and stays undetected forever. However, this type of software is often used by the user in the following cases:
  • It is mainly used for tracking the activity of a spouse. You can simply download on your spouse’s phone and monitor its activity. Instead of hiring the private investigator, this software is quite cheap to use.
  • Another great thing about this software is allowing the parents to monitor their child’s activities on their mobile phone. It will helps them to track their children where they are going and who they are in contact with.
  • Also, the employers can make use of this software in order to track the activities of the employee’s cell phone. This software enables the employers to know whether their company is being used only for their business or some other purposes.

Why people use the text message spy software?

The main reason that you would want to spy on other’s text message is hiding information from you. The honest in most situations is always difficult to acquire, so you can use this kind of software to observe the actions and other activities in the desired cell phone.

text message spy without phone

Text message spy without phone

However, the text message spy software allows you to monitor what is going on with that individual without even knowing them. This is why; the use of text messaging spying software is increasingly higher in number in recent days. You can also get the real data and discover the truth about a person.

Monitor the text messages using SMS spy

If you are in a situation, where it is important to track the individual’s mobile phone activity, you can use the sms spy software that helps you to get everything.
This type of software is very easy to use and simply do the installations process in the target mobile phone and then monitor its usage. You can also use this software to listen the individual’s live conversations.
One of the major benefits of using cell phone spy software is really helpful for tracking even folks that close to you without knowing them.
Once you have installed it, the SMS notifications will let you know that the call is being received on your phone while you are monitoring.
Thus, the cell phone spy software is definitely getting a large number of users in these days. It is very useful for both the parents and the employees who keep an eye on whom to track the daily activities. If you want to spy, you just use this spy text software on any cell phones and then do the rest of things that you wish.
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