The Truth About Spyware Doctor Software

If you haven’t heard of the award winning spyware removal system known as Spyware Doctor, I strongly recommend you read on. This revolutionary product is primarily intended to be used with all microsoft applications. A software developed by the guys over at PC Tools, Spyware Doctor has the power to fix and protect what most other sofware’s promised… but could not.

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Many of you I know have numerous programs on your desktop that you rely on to protect your computer, among the information you put on it. S.P. (spyware doctor) is a program capable of taking the place of all of those. I’ll start by telling you a little about what S.P. is designed to do.

Once installed, S.P. will run a full scan of your computer. This includes your hard drive, memory, and your windows registry. The purpose of the scan is to find the spyware or initial threats that are already on your computer. Next S.P. will attempt to either quarantine or fix those problems. This is an act that many programs are made to do alone. Yet with S.P. there’s more. Not only does the software fix your problems, but it also offers real-time protection. This includes the attempt to block threats from being saved to your computer. S.P. is a spyware removal system, threat blocker, and registry cleaner all in one.

If you don’t believe me, S.P. has received several awards, including the PC WORLD best buy of 2007. But the question on everyone’s mind is now, how much. Well I’ll tell you it’s a steal. The initial download of the software is free. The free version includes everything I mentioned earlier except the ability to remove the actual threats. But while it doen’s remove the spyware, S.P. does show you the user where exactly the problems are. So if you are a computer savvy person like me, you can manually remove the aggrivation without it costing you a dime. I do though strongly recommend one buy the full version of the program. You can get a 1 year subscription of S.P. for up to 3 computers for $29.95. Upgrade to S.P. with antivirus for $39.95. Trust me it’s worth the small amount of money to rid your pc of spyware and viruses with the click of your mouse. Visit website: how to spy on someones phone without them knowing for free



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