Learn to Hack WhatsApp Online in No Time Using the Top 6 Apps

Even though the word “hacking” is very negative, ethical hacking has become a million-dollar industry. It poses as a good option especially when people need to protect their kids from the ruthless virtual world. Since children these days profusely use all sorts of social media apps, especially WhatsApp, it is likely for every parent to get worried.

Here, hacking this app can reveal all activities of their children. Although WhatsApp saves chats in its database in a non-hackable format, Crypt7, tracing conversations isn’t impossible.


To hack WhatsApp online, the database cipher text needs to be deciphered by the spyware. Before moving on to the process, take a look at the top 6 apps one can use –

  1. Highster Mobile
  2. Hover Watch
  3. Copy9
  4. Mobistealth
  5. Spyera
  6. MxSpy

These hacking apps are simple to use and requires no coding knowledge.

Now, learn the prerequisites of hacking:  

For hacking WhatsApp chat history, one must open its web version on desktop, which requires RAM with greater space and better processor on the phone. Having a very fast internet is also necessary. Again, the person whose account is to be hacked needs to be in touch with the hacker at that time. Even that target person needs to have a good internet connection.

#One Tip – Google Chrome is the best browser for this purpose. 

Process of hacking:

Depending upon the things parents want to keep track of, there are several hacking applications. However, process of accessing a WhatsApp account is nearly same for all.

  1. Chat history retrieval

The foremost step of WhatsApp hack is installation of spy software on your targeted device. Many people are using such software to ensure their kids’ safety.

The process takes about 5 minutes and is very simple to execute. The app latches onto the operating system of the target phone without any risk of getting detected. It becomes one with the OS, so much so that even an antivirus cannot discover it.

  1. Getting access to a WhatsApp account

Hacking is almost effortless and can be done by using one photograph. A photo or a file needs to be sent to that targeted device and once it is opened, hacking will start. It’s indeed a task completed within seconds. The file, in this case, contains malicious codes which corrupt the device and ensures absolute access to it.

  1. Hacking encrypted messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp messages are encrypted and can be decrypted only by the sender and the recipient. However, there are applications to hack encrypted messages as well.

Even though users are assured of security, sadly, WhatsApp messages are not that secure. A hacker can get access to such messages by simply changing the primary key of the recipient.

So, that’s how one can hack WhatsApp chat history and even more.

Who can hack?

Besides worried parents, business owners and partners can also use this process to ensure safety of sensitive data. Again, spouses can use this method to check on their partners if they are cheating on them.

However, one small suggestion – one should hack for all the positive reasons only.